Macclesfield Talking Newspaper volunteers, Christmas 2013
Registered Charity Number 505128
The Editorial team finalising the week's stories: Judy, Liz, John, Elizabeth, Cath, Peter, Joan & Lynn, with recording technicians Steve and Forbes on the right.
Team 1 : Midge, Anne, Christina, Marian & Peter
The four news reading teams,  some with reserve readers who step in when required
Team 2 : Elizabeth, Richard, Elaine, Doreen & Ralph
Team 3 : Peter, Elizabeth, Colin, Dorothy & Lynn
Team 4 : Mavis, Liz, John, Joan & Cath
Richard, Colin and Claire carry out administration, while Lionel & Brian sort returned memory sticks
Recording Technicians: Tony, Forbes, Alan, Jenny, Steve, Clara and Mike
Two further members of the editorial team: Arthur and Tony